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Support for your back

14 December 2012

Karyx will be working with SpineWorks to fully rebrand and develop a sophisticated new Drupal site.

Fuller & Roper

02 November 2012

Karyx launch a brand new site for independent chartered accountants Fuller & Roper.


16 August 2011

After a three-way pitch we’re delighted to announce that we’re working on a new brand and website for the AWTE.

Small but perfectly formed

10 May 2011

We just launched a site for world renowned entertainment memorabilia experts Wallace & Hodgson.

Drupalcon London 2011

22 August 2011

Four days of non-stop Drupal, from theming, UX & design to development and back again.

We're being let out!

7 July 2011

Down here at Karyx HQ we’re looking
forward to a few conferences and
meet-ups this summer.


10 November 2012

Working with iCompute to create an exciting application for helping soldiers with PTSD.

UX Bristol

17 July 2011

On a rare escape from the office, we treated ourselves to a great day out with some of the top UX talent around.

Welcoming refugees to the UK

20 April 2011

We’ve just launched a new campaign for the wonderful Refugee Action, offering support to refugees arriving in the UK.


After 14 years in this business, we’re still as obsessive as ever about detail.

With our clients, we break problems down to the very smallest detail, identifying root issues. We then define and implement solutions that solve problems and meet project goals.

Over the years we’ve successfully solved business, communication, branding, design and technical problems for hundreds of companies — from FTSE 100’s to local retailers.


If you've got a digital problem, we'd love to hear about it.

We won't just try and flog you an off-the-shelf solution. If you'd like to talk about anything web then please get in touch.

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