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Disciplined design

Pixel-Perfect typographic precision delivered in a minimal, clean and easily updatable CMS driven site.

Karyx worked in tandem with Emma to develop a beautiful, minimal and typographically driven site. As the driving force behind her own bespoke design studio in Bath, Emma had a particularly well-formed idea of what she was looking for. We just had to make it work online…

Deceptively simple on the outside, but leveraging some pretty sophisticated backend WordPress hocus-pocus behind the scenes, the Emma Bristow site delivers both visually and from a site management perspective – a tricky balance to strike.

Feedback on the site has been great, visits are up by a considerable factor and the work is rolling in.

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Emma Bristow

So, what did we actually do?

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Information Architecture
  • Development (WordPress)


We don’t take jobs just for the money. We don't bang out rubbish on the cheap. We don’t offshore.

We’re proud of our work and the people we do it for.

We’re quite picky about who we work with (ethics, not snobbery). That way we can maintain the levels of detail, thought, creativity and technical work that our reputation is built on.

07875 539479


Here are just a few of the organisations
we’ve worked with recently.

  • Red Squirrel Architects
    Cutting edge London-based architects
  • Nick Tucker
    Progressive business coach and personal mentor
  • Kilter Theatre
    Low carbon theatre and promotion of sustainable living
  • Wallace & Hodgson
    World renowned experts in entertainment memorabilia
  • Equip Southwest
    Sharing research equipment between universities in the southwest
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