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Supporting your back

SpineWorks are one the most successful
back care specialists in the UK and are
long-term clients of Karyx.

Karyx have worked with SpineWorks since 2001 and have been responsible for delivering three previous iterations of their website. Over the years we've also produced their current branding and a huge number of promotional and marketing items, from brochures and patient leaflets to micro-sites, HTML email campaigns and banner ads.

In late 2012 we were approached by SpineWorks owners, Andrew and Debs Quaile to take on a full rebranding of the SpineWorks organisation. After an extensive exploratory period (and many, many sketches, roughs, scamps and mood boards) we finally settled on a new direction of the SpineWorks brand.

The original design was felt to be too dark, traditional and restrictive. The new brand retains some of the key motifs in the current brand ensuring a feeling of continuity. Both Debs and Andrew felt that a move towards a more restrained, subdued palette would emphasise their calm, considered and professional approach. We worked closely with them to develop a new palette to communicate these feelings.

We are now in the midst of developing a brand new web presence for SpineWorks. The site will be be built in Drupal and will allow SpineWorks to manage the various events, procedures and associates easily, freeing them from administrative hassles and allowing greater focus on their patients.

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So, what did we actually do?

  • Research
  • Planning
  • Branding
  • Information Architecture
  • Design
  • Development
  • Hosting


We don’t take jobs just for the money. We don't bang out rubbish on the cheap. We don’t offshore.

We’re proud of our work and the people we do it for.

We’re quite picky about who we work with (ethics, not snobbery). That way we can maintain the levels of detail, thought, creativity and technical work that our reputation is built on.

07875 539479


Here are just a few of the organisations
we’ve worked with recently.

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