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Dan Dineen


Dan's been working in 'new' media for so long it's old news. He's been an award-winning designer and front-end dev for clients ranging from major bluechips to one-man-bands.   |   07875 539479   |   @dandineen


A trusted network of specialists

We stay small & flexible. You get the best person for the job.

We trust this lot with our reputation. They're not just ‘freelancers’ — they’re an integral part of our team. We handpick the right people for each job, meaning every project team is expertly skilled. It’s a bit like the A-Team, but better, and in Bath.

The Company

Over the years Karyx has earned a reputation for delivering creative projects on time and on budget.

Our clients and freelancers get treated with the respect, honesty and professionalism they deserve, and we get it back in spades.

We now work closely with 3rd sector organisations, iconic British brands and ground breaking start ups.

In Short…

  • Nice guys
  •  Experience
  •  Connections
  •  Attitude
  •  Results
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