My work. The things I've planned, researched, designed, built, tested and maintained.

Featured projects

Full case studies for each project are on their way. Bear with me while I pull this all stuff together.

So far this year…

A selection of highlights from 2018.

August - September

Content model mapping – University of Bath

Working through our orginal content types and planning out their transition from the Origins design system to Lens. Mapping out content structures, identifying potential new components and features and honing user stories for the product backlog.

Events content type – University of Bath

Reviewing and prioritising user feedback from previous iterations and research sessions. Designing a new layout smooth out the event booking experience. Also, incorporating microdata at template level to make sure uni events are returned as rich results in search engines.

Site-switching – The Hairforce

What’s the smoothest, easiest way to help a visitor navigate seamlessly between between different co-branded sites? Taking a deep dive into The Hairforce's customer journeys to figure out where and when, if ever, cross-site switching makes sense.

May - June

Improving mobile navigation - University of Bath

This is now live! Take a look at

The current implementation, a tiered, fixed navigation is so big it obscures almost all page content on smaller devices. This is obviously far from ideal. I’m testing out some quick nav prototypes built with InVision Studio to get an idea of what might work.

Identifying user journeys - The Hairforce

Getting to the nitty-gritty of smoothing out user flows for the upcoming new Hairforce site.

Current role

Since 2014 I’ve been a User Experience designer at the University of Bath.

We're a small agile design team - only 2 of us - and we're called upon to do a lot more than just UX work. Still, that keeps me busy!

Freelance and personal projects

I try to keep my hand in with a number of personal and freelance projects running concurrently with my day job at the University.

I mainly provide UI, UX and IA consultancy and services for long-standing Karyx and NSource clients. I'll do most things apart from hosting. Hosting is a mug's game!

And before that…

I was making interactive CD-Roms for the BBC and Carlsberg-Tetley at MousePower in 1996, designing animated e-learning for BP at Nsource in 2000, and creating user-focused, content-driven websites for third sector organisations like the Ethical Trade Initiative and Refugee Action at Karyx until 2013.